With its old walls that surround it, its bridges, its long and wide streets, his memories of the Middle Ages, Verona, a beautiful city with two thousand years of history, declared Patrimony of Humanity by Unesco. It was founded in the first century before Christ, but its origins are much older, many archaeological finds, show that already existed in the Neolithic probably a village at the Colle San Pietro area. The first contacts between Rome and Verona are documented around the 390 b.C.. and there were now of friendship and alliance relationships.Verona is developed during the Roman era,becoming one of the major strengths of Roman Empire, many works were built which fortunately we can still admire as the Roman Theatre, the “Arco dei Gavi”, “Porta Borsari”, the archaeological area of “Porta Leoni” ,and it reached its maximum power, was built the beautiful Arena of Verona, because the city needed a larger building to see the shows. The history of Verona is very rich and long, Today is also known as the city of love, thanks to the most famous love story in the world, Romeo and Juliet, the tragedy of William Shakespeare. In summer you can attend concerts inside the Arena di Verona. Just 25 km from Lazise, you can reach it by public transport such as bus or train link from Peschiera del Garda (9 km away from Lazise train station).


  • PIAZZA BRA’ probably one of the most famous squares in Italy, it is here that we find the Arena of Verona, the most famous Roman amphitheater after the Colosseum, but also the Palazzo della Gran Guardia.
  • PORTA NUOVA a great and majestic stone door, which for many centuries was the main entrance to the city of Verona.
  • VIA MAZZINI the shopping street of Verona.
  • PIAZZA DELLE ERBE is the most ancient and charming town square, in Roman times were carried out most of the social, economic and policies of the cityOn the square dominates the Lamberti Tower with its 84 meters high is the highest tower in Verona, the Home of the Judges  who took various important functions over the centuries, Case Mazzanti magnificent complex that represents some of the oldest buildings of Verona , Palazzo Maffei in an elegant baroque style.
  • LA CASA DI GIULIETTA place of eternal love, according to tradition Giulietta Capuleti lived here, that from his balcony (visible from the front of the house), she came out to talk to her Romeo. The Shakespearean tragedy of Romeo And Juliet, mixed reality and fantasy, the fact is that in Verona the families of the Montagues and the Capulets are really existed.
  • PIAZZA DEI SIGNORI that you can get through the “Arch of the coast”, It is so called, because for centuries there hanging under a whale rib.
  • PONTE PIETRA built in the first century a.C. It is the oldest Roman monument in Verona.
  • CASTELVECCHIO After the Arena was the most grandiose and impressive monument of the city.
  • TEATRO ROMANO dates from the first century  b.C. and every summer hosts an important festival dedicated to Shakespearean theater
  • PORTA DEI LEONI an ancient port in Roman times serves as access to the city of Verona, near the door there are the Roman era archaeological remains.
  • PORTA BORSARI is a majestic Roman door dating from the first century a.C. during the imperial era was the main entrance.